Yellow DOT Program

How it works

Participants in the program will receive a Yellow DOT decal, a Yellow DOT folder, and a medical information sheet.

The participant will complete the medical information sheet, which consists of their emergency contact information, medical information, recent surgeries, hospital preferences, current medications, insurance and physician information. A personalized photo should also be taken and placed on the sheet. This information will be the sole responsibility of the participant and should remain in the glove compartment inside the yellow folder provided.

70106_Yellow Dot-Decal
Vehicle Sticker

The Yellow DOT decal should be placed on the driver’s side rear window of the vehicle.

The information in the Yellow DOT folder is not kept by any agency or person and will only be accessed by first responders in case of a roadway incident where emergency medical attention is needed.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Where do I go for a Yellow DOT packet?
    There are over 200 locations statewide! Click here  to find one near you.

  • Q: What is included in a Yellow DOT packet?
    Yellow DOT folder, vehicle decal, medical information sheet, and instruction brochure


  • Q: Can I get more than one Yellow DOT packet?
    Yes, you can get a Yellow DOT packet for every vehicle you drive.


  • Q: Can I fill out the medical information form for passengers in my vehicle?
  • Yes, you should complete the medical information form for any other driver(s) of your vehicle, especially if they have a specific medical need (i.e. medical allergy, diabetes, heart problems).


  • Q: Where does the Yellow DOT decal go on my vehicle?
  • The Yellow DOT decal should be placed on the driver’s side rear window of the vehicle. There's also a smaller decal for motorcycles. Place the decal on the "triple tree" of the motorcycle and put the packet in the saddle bag/compartment.


  • Q: What happens if I don't have my photo on the medical form?
  • The photo is crucial to the success of the program. Yellow DOT is about saving those precious seconds immediately following a serious incident. Having a photo identifying to whom the medical form belongs will save time and possibly your life. Please make sure a photo(s) is included with each medical information form.


  • Q: What happens to my personal information?
  • Only you have access to the information in your glove compartment. The information is not kept by any agency or another person.


  • Q: Is my social security number needed on the medical information form?
  • No.


  • Q: Do I have to pay to participate in the Yellow DOT program?
  • No, the program is free.


  • Q: How can I become an enrollment site for the Yellow DOT program?
  • Groups or agencies may become a Yellow DOT Program Enrollment Site. Sites must be accessible to the public and be able to take a photo of the applicant for placement on the medical Information sheet. TDOT will provide the packets free to the enrollment sites. No fees may be charged for participation in the program. Typical enrollment sites are Senior Centers, local fire stations, local emergency management agencies, county sheriff offices, churches, libraries, etc. Packets for distribution may be picked up from any TDOT Regional or District Office or by contacting the TDOT Transportation Management Office by phone at (615) 770-3831 or by email at