Traffic Signal Modernization Program

TTSUG Signal

The Traffic Signal Modernization Program (TSMP) is a TDOT pilot program designed to help communities and their local traffic signal maintaining agencies modernize existing traffic signal equipment and operations.

The program is being implemented through a grant application process, that is currently 100% state funded (Total grant funds are capped at $500,000.00) and state contracted, with a goal to begin traffic signal upgrades within 12 months of project selection.

Eligible TSMP Items

  • Controller, controller cabinet, and cabinet equipment
  • Stop bar and advance detection
  • Signal head/beacon and backplates
  • Timing optimization plan
  • Pedestrian signal and push button devices
  • Supplemental signal head

  Some Expected Benefits to Modernizing Your Traffic Signal Items

  • Reduction in crashes
    • Controller/cabinet upgrade: 30% crash reduction
    • Signal timing coordination: 32% crash reduction
    • Supplemental signal heads: 28% crash reduction
    • Detection Upgrade: 20% crash reduction
    • Advance signal ahead warning devices: 22% crash reduction
  • Reduction in traffic congestion
  • Increased reliability in vehicle detection
  • Improved Traffic signal visibility
  • Savings in energy efficiency
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Automated collection of traffic count data

Grant Application Deadline

The Traffic Signal Modernization Grant application must be emailed by 4:00pm CST on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 to with the subject line "Traffic Signal Modernization Grant ".  For questions regarding this grant, please contact Steve Bryan at