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The Research and Product Evaluation Section is responsible for the testing and evaluation of all new products proposed for use in Tennessee's highway program. In addition, this section also distributes information gained from testing and evaluating these products and maintains the Department's Qualified Products List. All in-house research projects are either conducted by or coordinated by the Research and Product Evaluation Section. This section also participates in the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) coordinated by AASHTO. Tennessee is the lead test state for the testing of High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST) and flexible drums for NTPEP.

Qualified Products Information

Companies desiring to submit products for evaluation must complete a Product Evaluation Submittal Form. In addition, please review the evaluation procedures for other data that is required. These procedures are outlined in the Evaluation Procedures List next to each product description below.

The purpose of the Qualified Products List is to make available to Construction and Maintenance personnel a list of products which perform satisfactorily. Inclusion on the QPL must not be considered as prior approval, and in no way precludes Departmental testing and approval requirements.  Products on the QPL are products which have been evaluated and found that they could be acceptable for use, provided all testing and/or certification requirements have been met and provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Since there is not a QPL covering every type of product, some products which are found to perform satisfactorily are not placed on a Qualified Products List.  As the need arises, new QPLs may be developed for some of these products.

The Department reserves the right to reject any product which does not demonstrate satisfactory performance in any of the tests outlined in the Evaluation Procedures. The Department also reserves the right to remove any product from the Qualified Products List that does not perform satisfactorily under real life conditions.

The Department may at any time recall all products from a particular list for an information update (name address, product information, specification change, etc.). At the time of update, all products on the chosen list will be documented and a letter will be sent to all listed manufacturers detailing these procedures and the Department’s need to update our information.

The manufacturer will be asked to supply a certified letter stating that no changes have been made to the product since the original product evaluation submittal. If any changes have been made, the product will be evaluated again as per QPL procedures.

If the manufacturer cannot supply this letter due to changes made to their product then the product in question will be evaluated again following all pertinent procedures as per a new submittal.

Manufacturers will be given 3 months’ time from initial mailing to respond to this request. Update letters are to first be mailed to the manufacturers address as it appears on the QPL. If a reply has not been made within 1 month of mailing, or if a letter is undeliverable then an effort will be made to secure a mailing address from any easily assessable source such as the internet or phone call to a contact.

After 3 months’ time, if the manufacturer has not produced the requested information then the product will be removed from the QPL. Any action taken as a result of this update will be recorded in the update spreadsheet.

This publication shall be used in conjunction with the Tennessee Standard Specifications, Maintenance Specifications, Special Provisions, Plans and all supplementary documents effective at the time of usage.  Any future corrections, additions or revisions made in the contents of this publication will be forwarded to the holders of this publication so that the publication is maintained up to date.

All Work will be performed and all materials furnished in reasonably close conformity with the lines, grades, cross-sections, dimensions, and material requirements, including tolerances, as shown on the Plans or as specified.

If materials, or the finished product in which they are used, or various other facets of the Work, are found not to be within reasonably close conformity with the Plans and Specifications, the Engineer will determine if the Work, as performed, is in reasonably close conformity to be adequate for the basic engineering purpose. If adequate, the Engineer may accept the material or work in question subject to an appropriate adjustment in the Contract price, and the materials or work will be permitted to remain in place. If the Engineer rejects the work as unacceptable for the intended purpose, the Contractor shall remove and replace the material or work in question, at no cost to the Department in accordance with Subsection 105.12.

If the material or work is accepted under such conditions, the Engineer will document the basis of acceptance by Change Order providing for an appropriate adjustment in the Contract price or materials as the Engineer deems necessary based on engineering judgment. If the material or work includes predetermined pay factor adjustments, the Engineer will determine the price adjustment based on the measured level of conformance to the specifications. All products must be listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) and perform as specified at the time of use regardless of Letting date. Any products removed from the QPL or those that do not perform as specified, must be supplied or replaced at the Contractor’s expense.

Qualified Products Listings and Procedures

Link to: QPL Table of Contents

    List                                                                                                                               Evaluation
Number     Description                                                                                            Procedures                QPL (Date Revised)

   1                Traffic Control Materials                                                                            List 1                         QPL 1: (09/05/17)
   2                Waterproofing Membranes & Materials                                               List 2                         QPL 2:  (09/05/17)
   3                Paint - Inorganic Zinc Primers and Topcoats                                        List 3                         QPL 3:  (10/1/14)
   4                Air-Entraining and Chemical Admixtures for Concrete                     List 4                         QPL 4:  (11/01/17)
   5                Joint Sealers and Fillers                                                                              List 5                         QPL 5:  (06/01/17)
   6                Traffic Control Detection Loop Sealants                                                List 6                         QPL 6:  (10/1/12)
   7                Preformed Compressive Joint Seals with Lubricant Adhesives       List 7                         QPL 7:  (11/01/17)
   8                Epoxy Resin Systems                                                                                  List 8                        QPL 8:  (04/03/17)
   9                Elastomeric Bridge Joints and Bridge Joint Systems                           List 9                         QPL 9: (10/1/12)
 10                Reflective Sheeting                                                                                    List 10                       QPL 10:  (10/01/16)
 11                Biodegradable Asphalt Solvents                                                            List 11                       QPL 11:  (11/01/17)
 12                Coatings for Concrete                                                                               List 12                       QPL 12:  (1/4/17)
 13                Patching Materials                                                                                     List 13                       QPL 13:  (11/01/17)
 14                Anti-Stripping Additives                                                                            List 14                       QPL 14:  (06/01/17)
 15                Hydraulic Cement Sources                                                                      List 15                       QPL 15:  (07/31/17)
 16                Supplementary Cementing Materials                                                  List 16                       QPL 16:  (1/31/17)
 17                Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control                                         List 17                       QPL 17:  (11/01/17)
 18                Manhole Steps                                                                                           List 18                       QPL 18:  (3/1/15)
 19                Epoxy Powder for Reinforcing Steel                                                     List 19                       QPL 19:  (5/1/15)
 20                Stressed Cable Grout                                                                               List 20                       QPL 20:  (12/1/13)
 21                Release Compounds for Asphalt Mixes                                              List 21                       QPL 21:  (06/01/17)
 22                Masonry Anchors                                                                                      List 22                      QPL 22:  (11/01/17)
 23                Concrete Waterproofing                                                                          List 23                      QPL 23:  (06/01/17)
 24                Concrete Latex Modifiers                                                                         List 24                      QPL 24:  (1/1/16)
 25                Pressure Injected Epoxy Systems                                                          List 25                      QPL 25:  (4/1/16)
 26                Anti Graffiti Products                                                                                 List 26                      QPL 26:  (7/1/10)
 27                Rebar Splices                                                                                               List 27                      QPL 27:  (9/1/12)
 28                Pile Accessories                                                                                           List 28                      QPL 28:  (2/1/09)
 29                Flashing Arrow Panels and Arrow Boards                                            List 29                      QPL 29:  (4/1/14)
 30                Portable Changeable Message Signs                                                    List 30                      QPL 30:  (2/1/12)
 31                High Friction Surface Treatments for Roadways                                List 31                      QPL 31:  (06/30/16)
 32                Recycled Plastic Guardrail Block-outs                                                    List 32                      QPL 32:  (9/1/09)
 33                MASH or NCHRP-350 TL-3 Approved Sign Post Hardware              List 33                       QPL 33:  (8/1/11)
 34                Approved Roadside Safety Hardware                                                   List 34                       QPL 34:  (11/13/17)
 35                Aggregate                                                                                                     List 35                       QPL 35:  (6/1/00)
 36                Geotextiles and Geosynthetics                                                               List 36                       QPL 36:  (07/31/17)
 37                ADA Detectable Warning Truncated Domes                                       List 37                       QPL 37:  (12/1/16)
 38                Retaining Wall Systems                                                                             List 38                       QPL 38:  (12/1/16)
 39                Warm Mix Asphalt                                                                                      List 39                       QPL 39:  (12/1/16)
 40                Pavement Sealers and Treatments                                                        List 40                       QPL 40:  (10/02/17)
 41                Rockfall Mitigation                                                                                      List 41                       QPL 41:  (12/1/16)
                      Miscellaneous                                                                                             Misc. List             Misc. QPL :  (10/01/17)

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