State Route 115 (US 129) Alcoa Highway Maloney Road to Woodson Drive

Knox County


The project along State Route 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway), from south of Maloney Road to Woodson Drive in Knox County, includes widening the roadway for approximately 1.4 miles. Improvements follow the existing alignment and consist of widening the existing roadway to six lanes (three lanes in each direction). A new interchange will be also constructed at Maloney Road as part of the project.

The improvements currently under construction are part of a larger effort to widen Alcoa Highway in Blount and Knox Counties. Due to the significant size of the overall project, the proposed improvements have been separated into four smaller sections or phases. To read more about all planned Alcoa Highway improvements, visit the project website.

Purpose and Need

SR 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway) is an urban principal arterial roadway, which is on the National Highway System. It is responsible for moving traffic efficiently throughout the region, particularly between the City of Alcoa and the City of Knoxville.

The proposed projects along the corridor are intended to address transportation needs, which have been identified through coordination with local officials, agencies and the public. Those transportation needs are as follows:

  • Increase the capacity of Alcoa Highway and the level of service
  • Correct roadway deficiencies
  • Reduce crashes/improve safety

Proposed Design

The portion of Alcoa Highway from Maloney Road to Woodson Drive is Phase 1 of 4 planned for the corridor. Improvements in this phase will widen the roadway to three lanes in each direction, separated by a median barrier wall. Construction will include 10 retaining walls and three bridges to provide connection for new collector roads that parallel the highway. Roundabouts will be installed at East Maloney Road, West Maloney Road, and Montlake Drive.

A greenway is also part of the project. It will also be constructed along the southbound section, from Montlake Drive to south of Alcoa Way Shopping Center, and will eventually provide a connection between the Knoxville and Blount County Greenways.

  • photo of approach to roundabout at Maloney Road and Alcoa Hwy

    Maloney Road Roundabout

    The new roundabout on the east side of Alcoa Highway (near Sevier Heights Baptist Church) is open to traffic.
  • photo of roundabout at Maloney Road and Alcoa Hwy

    Maloney Road Roundabout

    It can be accessed on three of four legs. The bridge over Alcoa Highway will be constructed on the fourth leg.
  • photo of excavation and fill work on east side of Alcoa Highway

    Excavation and Fill

    In February 2017, excavation and fill activities got underway on both sides of the roadway.
  • photo of excavation and fill work on west side of Alcoa Highway

    Excavation and Fill

    Work also began on drainage structures in the excavation areas near Woodson Drive.
  • photo of grading and fill operations

    Grading and Fill

    In May 2017, grading, fill, storm drain, and utility operations progressed on both sides of the roadway.
  • photo of site for ramp A

    Ramp A

    Ramp A will be constructed to connect Montlake Drive to Collector 3. (view from Montlake Drive looking south)