State Route 115 (US 129) Relocated Alcoa Highway

Blount County


The proposed project for State Route 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway) consists of a new transportation corridor from SR 35 (Hall Road) to South Singleton Station Road in Blount County. The new alignment would include construction of a segment of limited access highway to address safety and capacity issues on the current roadway. The new facility would mainly serve commuter traffic to and from Knoxville and traffic to and from McGhee-Tyson Airport, while the existing facility would continue to provide access to local businesses.

Purpose and Need

The existing Alcoa Highway, from near Hall Road to South Singleton Station Road, currently serves multiple functions. It provides local business access, carries traffic to and from McGhee Tyson Airport, and is a primary commuting route to and from the City of Knoxville. It serves a major portion of Blount County and surrounding areas. The contrasting priorities for the roadway have resulted in negative safety and capacity issues.

The purpose of this project is to provide a balanced solution for the safety and capacity issues of the existing section of Alcoa Highway between Hall Road and South Singleton Station Road. A multi-lane facility would provide an efficient and safe transportation route, minimize displacements or other impacts to local businesses, and be compatible with local and regional goals and objectives.

Proposed Design

Due to the significant size of the project, the proposed improvements will be separated into three smaller sections or phases.

  • Section 1: from SR 35 (Hall Road) south of Airport Road to proposed interchange serving McGhee Tyson Airport
  • Section 2: from proposed interchange serving McGhee Tyson Airport to SR 162 (Pellissippi Parkway)
  • Section 3: from SR 162 to existing SR 115 (Alcoa Highway) at South Singleton Station Road