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4-Year Strategic Plan

TDOT's Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for our actions for the next four years. Our goals are focused on organizational growth and service improvements.

  • Goal 1: Create an organization that is data-driven to improve decision-making and better align with customer expectations.
  • Goal 2: Create a TDOT Employee Experience Program to support employee engagement, diversity, and inclusion throughout the employment life-cycle.
  • Goal 3: Develop an approach for managing TDOT's information and knowledge assets which supports availability of quality information, best practice sharing, and organizational knowledge.
  • Goal 4: Develop and improve work processes to provide better consistency and execution.
  • Goal 5: Develop an organization-wide guide for implementation of strategies that includes measuring and verifying the effectiveness of those strategies.
  • Goal 6: Update the 25-Year Long-Range Transportation Plan to focus on strategic¬† solutions to address the changing needs of our state.