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Flexible Work Schedule

Flexiable work schedule

Would you like to say goodbye to the traditional 8 to 4:30 work week? A flexible work hour schedule may be right for you. A flexible work arrangement is any difference in scheduling work hours or location from the traditional on-site, 8-4:30 pattern.

• Flex Time: Employees are offered a range of starting and ending schedules for the workday.
• Compressed Work week: Employees work longer hours, but fewer days of the week in exchange for a day off each week or pay period

Flexible work hours help ease the amount of traffic congestion on the roads, by allowing employees to report at varying times and locations.  In addition, it may promote productivity, enhance job satisfaction, enable recruitment and retention of valuable staff. 

Speak with your manager/supervisor or a Human Resources representative to see if a flexible work schedule is right for you.