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ORD Resources

Revised: September 20, 2021

Support Files

Name Description Size Date

TDOT ORD Workspace

Revision Notes

This is the latest configuration for ORD 2020 Release 3. Anyone with Release 2 or earlier should contact CADD Support and we will send you a link to the right configuration for your software. 

Copy the unzipped files to C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE\\

283 MB 09/20/2021

SS2 Survey Implementation

PDF Notes

If you want to use an SS2 survey in an ORD project, you will need to incorporate the contents of this zip file into your project's workset. This will allow the correct viualization of all 2D SS2 Survey graphics and annotation. 

Copy the contents of the zip file to:  C:\\ProgramData\\Bentley\\OpenRoads Designer CE\\Configuration\\WorkSpaces\\TDOT-Standards\\WorkSets\\<Your Project workset>\\

26.4 MB 03/03/2021

Requirements and Guidelines

The Requirements for Model-Centric Design document is intended to be a guide and reference point for TDOT staff and designers while transitioning to Bentley’s OpenRoads Designer (ORD) CONNECT Edition software. This guide outlines general information, background, and software terminology, as well as the following specific topics:

  • Conversion of legacy/existing projects (SS2) to ORD CONNECT
  • ORD software update(s) deployment 
  • Workspace structure
  • Standard file naming
  • Plans production
  • General recommendations for model-based design
  • Multiple appendices which elaborate on topics covered throughout the document

The  Requirements for Model-Centric Design document does not replace the need for training but instead is meant to document standard digital design procedures developed by TDOT (to-date) and should be referenced throughout each project. Current software development and best practices are covered within this document, and TDOT acknowledges that the software is constantly evolving. Therefore, this document (and associated resources) will be updated on a yearly basis, and the revisions will be outlined in the Model Revision History section located near the end of the document. This document, along with accompanying resources, can be accessed via links below.

Document Name Description Date Revision Notes
Requirements for Model-Centric Design ORD Resource for TDOT staff and consultants. 8/16/2021 N/A
ORD Conversion Decision-Making Form Noted in the Requirements file, this form accompanies the conversion graphics and should be completed by the applicable TDOT Design manager.  8/16/2021 N/A
ORD Survey Data Checklist Noted in the Requirements file, this form should be completed by the survey team once all data has been processed and deliverables have been developed.  8/16/2021 N/A
ORD FIle Naming Noted in the Requirements file, this document provides guidance on file nameing for project files developed in ORD, broken down by the following functional areas: STID, Survey, and Design.  8/16/2021 N/A