TDOT OpenRoads Designer

Revised: May 26, 2023

Tennessee is on the road to Digital Delivery with OpenRoads.

TDOT ORD Roadmap

Please contact the TDOT ORD Team at with any questions, reporting of defects or enhancement suggestions.   If you are or will be working on a TDOT ORD project you can request access to our ORD Users Team Site by filling out this form.


TDOT is currently using ORD 2022 Release 1 (10.11) for any new projects, but recommending that projects that were begun in ORD 2021 Release 1 or 2 (10.10) be developed in 10.10 since there are issues with the uplift process. 

As of July 2021, all new projects should be surveyed in ORD. Existing projects will be analyzed on a project-by-project basis to determine if a project should be converted to ORD. Therefore, consultants should coordinate with their applicable TDOT design manager to determine if a project should be converted or not. 

ORD Training Site

Find TDOT ORD Training course material on the ORD Training Material page. For more learing opportunities, see also our list of Live Webinar Classes, On-demand Webinars and Civil Cell Tips and VIdeos. Also check the Training Team's page here.

ORD Resources Site

Find support files, the latest workspace and the requirements and guidelines documents and forms on the ORD Resources Page.

 Since the TDOT ORD workspace is continuing to be enhanced, TDOT welcomes feedback and any identification of potential defects and enhancements. 

WARNING: Be sure to make a copy of your existing MicroStation V8i (SS2/SS10) dgn file(s) if you plan to open them in ORD. Information may be lost as some aspects of ORD files are not reverse compatible with MicroStation SS2/SS10 files.

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