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Utilities Office

Suite 600 James K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0337
Phone: 615.741.3196
Fax: 615.532.1548

The Right-of-Way Division Utilities Office is responsible for the coordination and relocation of utility and railroad facilities necessary in the accommodation of highway construction and improvement projects undertaken by the Department. This office also regulates and issues permits for the installation of utility facilities within state highway rights of way.

The TDOT and Utility Companies Partnership

  • TDOT sends preliminary Utility contact of pending projects and utility companies acknowledge receipt.
  • TDOT holds public meetings/hearings on proposed project at which Utility and Railroad companies attend to provide early input to the development process.
  • TDOT invites Utility and Railroad companies to attend field reviews for comments as plans are developed.
  • TDOT submits plans to Utility and Railroad companies and relocation plans and cost estimates are prepared and returned for project scheduling and letting.
  • Utility and Railroad companies coordinate and communicate with TDOT/contractor personnel to ensure an efficient and timely relocation of facilities.
  • Utility companies submit appropriate permit plans for installing facilities on state rights of way.
  • TDOT processes billing for relocation and force account expenses.

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