State Route 459 (US 412) Lexington Bypass

Henderson County


The proposed State Route 459 (US 412) Lexington Bypass project includes the construction of a four-lane, divided facility with a 48-foot grass median and a minimum 250-foot right-of-way. The new roadway will have partial access control with at-grade intersections at crossroads and grade-separated interchanges at the beginning of the project on existing SR 20, SR 22A, SR 22, SR 104, and SR 22 at the end of the project.

The proposed roadway will be an east-west bypass, south of the City of Lexington, extending approximately 7.95 miles.

Purpose and Need

The proposed SR 459 Lexington Bypass project is a continuation of the upgrade of SR 20 to Columbia in Maury County that was included in the 1986 Better Roads Program by Legislative Amendment. The proposed project will provide an adequate highway bypass route around the Lexington Central Business District.

The primary goals of this project include:

  • Compatibility with existing and planned land-use activities adjacent to or near the new roadway
  • Ability to meet present and future traffic demands
  • Provide local and regional motorists with improved connections to other major highways such as SR 22 and SR22-A, SR 104, and SR 200
  • Improve regional mobility and highway safety by diverting trips onto the bypass and reducing traffic congestion through the Lexington Central Business District