State Route 18 from State Route 100 to State Route 5

Hardeman and Madison Counties


The project on State Route 18 includes widening and reconstruction, from State Route 100 in Hardeman County to State Route 5 (US 45) in Madison County. The project length is approximately 14.5 miles.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to improve SR 18 to provide a safe and efficient roadway that meets current design standards. The proposed improvements would improve safety and mobility along the corridor by addressing the following transportation needs:

  • fulfill legislation made in House Joint Resolution No. 16 in 1993 by the 98th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
  • correct horizontal and vertical sight deficiencies
  • provide adequate shoulder widths and turning lanes where appropriate
  • provide relief of traffic congestion at the intersection of SR 18 and SR 5
  • provide an improved and more efficient transportation link between Bolivar and Jackson for the motoring and commuting public

Proposed Design

There are eleven (11) proposed improvement segments (or alignments) for SR 18, each provided a letter and number (i.e., A-1, A-2, etc). Combinations of these alignments make up the six (6) project build alternatives.

The build alternatives include various options, such as widening existing SR 18 from two lanes to four lanes or a combination of widening the existing alignment and relocating at least some portion of the roadway to the east of the existing alignment. The proposed new alignment varies from 0 to 10.8 miles depending on which alternative is selected. The build alternatives, segments, and corresponding lengths are as follows:

Build Alternatives Map (pdf)

The typical section proposed for all rural segments consists of a four-lane divided roadway, with four 12-foot travel lanes separated by a 52-foot depressed median (includes two 6-foot inside shoulders), and two 12-foot outside shoulders within a 250-foot right-of-way. The typical section proposed for urban areas consists of a 92‑foot right-of-way, containing four 12-foot lanes with a 12- foot center left turn lane, two 4-foot outside shoulders, and curb and gutter. Five-foot sidewalks would be included on both sides of the road in the urban areas. 

The drawings below depict the cross sections for the urban and rural segments of the proposed roadway.