State Route 18 from Bolivar to State Route 100

Hardeman County

Frequently Asked Questions 

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TDOT and a consultant are conducting the environmental study for State Route 18, from State Route 15 (US 64) in Bolivar to State Route 100.

EIS stands for Environmental Impact Statement. It is an environmental document that is required by the federal government when a project has federal funding and is anticipated to have significant impacts to the natural and/or human environment.

TDOT is currently completing technical studies for the project to determine what (if any) impacts to the natural and human environment would occur if one of the project alternatives were constructed.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is anticipated to be complete in 2012. Once complete, the DEIS will be made available to the public. A public hearing will be scheduled following completion of the DEIS.

Following the environmental study, TDOT will enter the design phase of the project. The right-of-way phase will be next, followed by construction. (For more information, see the Timeline section for this project.)

Anyone may submit project comments via email to (Please include Project No 35003-1221-04 and Pin No. 101597.00.) Additionally, project comments may be submitted at any public involvement meeting through written statements or via a court reporter.