State Route 18 from Bolivar to State Route 100

Hardeman County


The project on State Route 18 includes widening and reconstruction from State Route 15 (US 64) in Bolivar to State Route 100 in Hardeman County.

Purpose and Need

The project area is comprised of commercial properties, residential properties, farmland, government buildings, churches, and schools. The proposed improvements would improve safety and mobility along the corridor by addressing the following transportation needs.

  • Provide a four-lane facility between Bolivar and SR 100, thereby fulfilling legislation made in House Joint Resolution No. 16 in 1993 by the 98th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee
  • Improve the level of service (LOS) of existing SR 18
  • Promote economic growth by meeting current and future traffic demands
  • Provide an efficient and safe transportation facility that will yield maximum benefit to road users and be compatible with local and regional goals and objectives
  • Reduce truck traffic in downtown Bolivar

Proposed Design

There are four (4) proposed improvement segments (or alignments) for SR 18: A, B, C, and D. Combinations of these alignments make up the five (5) project build alternatives. All of the build alternatives begin on SR 15 (US 64) in Bolivar and end at the intersection of SR 100, north of Bolivar. The proposed project length varies from 9 to 11.5 miles depending on which alternative is selected. The build alternatives, designs, and corresponding lengths are as follows:

There are two typical sections for the SR 18 improvement project. Alignment A is proposed as a four-lane roadway, and Alignments B, C, and D are proposed as two-lane roadways. Alignments B, C, and D have typical sections that were developed through collaboration with TDOT and local officials in Bolivar and Hardeman County. To remain consistent with a master plan developed to revitalize the city of Bolivar, a two-lane typical section was developed. These corridors would include a 10-foot multi-use path (for bicycles & pedestrians) separated from the roadway with a natural berm.

Typical sections for the proposed alternatives are as follows.

  • Alignment A - from SR-100 to Dowdy Road
  • Alignment A - from Dowdy Road to south of Hatchie River
  • Alignments B, C, and D

A No-Build Option will also be considered for the project. This option would provide no improvements to existing SR 18 beyond routine maintenance and repairs.