Proposed Kirby-Whitten Parkway (Shelby Farms Parkway)

Shelby County


Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way (ROW), and Construction. For the proposed Kirby-Whitten Parkway (Shelby Farms Parkway) project, the Design, Right-of-Way, and Construction processes will be managed locally with coordination by TDOT Local Programs Office.

The following is a reflection of various aspects of the Environmental phase as they have occurred for the proposed project.

Due to the time elapsed (more than three years) since the approval of the Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement (SFEIS) in 2012 and changes that occurred to the Selected Alternative (Alternative Q) for the proposed Kirby-Whitten Parkway (Shelby Farms Parkway) project, a reevaluation of the SFEIS was prepared, as required, to determine whether a supplement to the SFEIS or a new SFEIS was necessary.

During the development of the reevaluation, the project was temporarily put on hold, pending the completion of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization's update to its Transportation Demand Model (TDM), which was completed in the summer of 2018. TDOT uses TDM data in studies relevant to projects within the MPO area.

The prepared reevaluation reviewed existing and future conditions of the area, as well as updated data (including TDM data) and technical studies. The reevaluation included information regarding changes in conditions and impact assessments conducted since the SFEIS was circulated, as well as updated coordination as needed.

Based on the reevaluation, a supplement to the previously approved SFEIS was not required.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved the reevaluation of the SFEIS on June 25, 2019. Following approval of the SFEIS, the Record of Decision was developed. FHWA approved the ROD on November 13, 2019.

To view copies of project-related documents, including the approved SFEIS and ROD, visit the Library section of this website.