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Proposed Kirby Parkway

Shelby County

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the original EIS for this project, the roadway was called "Kirby Parkway," beginning at I-240 west of Shelby Farms and ending at I-40 north of Shelby Farms. At the first SFPAT Meeting, the Advisory Team decided on the name "Shelby Farms Parkway" for the portion of the project passing through Shelby Farms in order to show emphasis that the roadway should have a parkway feel and to bring attention to the recreational usages in Shelby Farms. The name "Kirby Parkway" has been used in the DSEIS to match the name of the original EIS.

Funding has been determined for this project. The Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization 2008-2011 Transportation Improvement Program shows (on page 64) an 80 percent federal share and a 20 percent match by the city of Memphis.

It was concluded at the August 18, 2005, Advisory Team meeting that the project should include bicycle facilities for commuters, as well as recreational cyclists, throughout the project area. The addition of multi-use paths and sidewalks/side paths are expected to maintain and/or increase continuity and connectivity of the current bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Pedestrian and bicycle facilities were developed in concurrence with the ideals expressed in the Shelby Farms Park Master Plan. Proposed trail segments A, B, C, and H will be constructed as a part of the Kirby Parkway project through Shelby Farms. Segments D, F, G, and I will be constructed when funding for the proposed Shelby Farms Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Equine Trails Transportation Enhancement project is fulfilled. Additional trail segments X and Y will be constructed in conjunction with the expansion of Patriot Lake. Segments J and K have no funding in place at this time.

Shelby Farms Park is a publicly-owned, 4,500-acre parcel devoted to recreational purpose that contains several land areas not devoted to recreational purposes-lies within the project area. As the proposed project nears Shelby Farms Park, the Lucius E. Burch State Natural Area is located outside the project boundaries to the northeast. A BMX competition track and soccer fields are located south of the project boundaries. Wilderness Trail runs the length of the Lucius E. Burch State Natural Area. The project continues east along Walnut Grove Road, but does not impact any of the contributing recreational resources inside Shelby Farms Park. A trumpet interchange allows the proposed project to head north through agricultural property. The proposed project is located east of Area 10, a non-recreational complex of governmental offices, and west of the Shelby Farms Park Visitors Center and other recreational land uses, such as Chickasaw Trail, Plough Park, and Patriot Lake. As the project exits Shelby Farms Park, it follows Whitten Road until its terminus at Macon Road.