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North Second Street Corridor Improvements

Shelby County

Frequently  Asked Questions

Q: Why does the North Second Street project have to go through the environmental review process?
A: The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that projects receiving federal funding or requiring federal actions (e.g., permits) undergo an environmental review process. The project cannot proceed until this requirement has been successfully completed.

Q: What other transportation projects are on-going in the North Second Street project area?
A: A segment of proposed Interstate 69 will intersect the Build Alternative in the north floodplain of the Wolf River, south of Harvester Lane. I-69 will be grade-separated over North Second Street with no direct interchange access between the two routes. The proposed I-69 segment will extend east across the Wolf River Floodplain and will interchange with US 51/SR 300. Proposed I-69 is a separate and independent project and has its own separate funding and environmental document. Both projects are included in the Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2030 Memphis Long Range Transportation Plan that has been adopted and found to be in conformity with the Clean Air Act.

Q: When will the next public meeting be held?
A: A public meeting was held on August 7, 2014. Check out the Public Involvement section of this project website for previous public meeting materials and future public meeting dates.