Interstate 55 / Crump Boulevard Interchange

Shelby County

Public Involvement

This website will be one of the principal means of public involvement. Public comments concerning this project can be submitted to:

There are no public involvement meetings scheduled at this time.

Four public meetings/hearings have been held to discuss the I-55 at E.H. Crump Boulevard project as indicated below. The purpose of the meetings was to provide updates on the project, discuss potential construction impacts, and gather public input. A brief presentation was provided at each meeting, followed by Q&A with TDOT representatives.

Meeting Date Location
Public Hearing (Draft Environmental Impact Statement)
July 7, 2009 MATA Central Station
Public Information Meeting June 15, 2010 MATA Central Station
Public Information Meeting June 1, 2015 West Memphis Civic Center
Public Information Meeting June 4, 2015 MATA Central Station

In addition to the public meetings, TDOT has held various meetings with public officials and local stakeholders to discuss the project and potential impacts to specific entities.