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Interstate 40 Interchanges (Jackson)

Madison County


The proposed improvements to the interchange at Interstate 40 and State Route 186 (US 45 Bypass/Keith Short Bypass) in Madison County will consist of replacing the current facility, which involves building a new bridge over I-40, removing the cloverleaf ramps, and widening I-40 for approximately 2.9 miles. Additionally, intersection improvements will be made at Casey Jones Lane/Carriage House Drive to allow left turn movements. The I-40 bridges at SR 5 (US 45/North Highland Avenue) will also be replaced.


SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) is important north-south connector in the city of Jackson, Tennessee, and in regional transportation. It is considered a primary route from the Jackson Central Business District to I-40, and it carries a large portion of truck and through traffic coming from Mississippi and Tennessee counties south of Jackson. The route is densely commercial, including Casey Jones Village, which the Tennessee Department of Tourism notes as one of the state's top ten tourist attractions.

Increased development along SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) has resulted in steadily increasing traffic volumes for many years. Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) is expected to increase to 70,290 vehicles per day by 2033.

The purpose of this project is to modify the I-40 interchange at SR 186 (US 45 Bypass), including intersection improvements at Casey Jones Lane/Carriage House Drive, in order to accommodate current and future traffic demands. Additionally, the I-40 interchange at SR 5 (North Highland Avenue), also considered a major north-south connector route, will be modified.  The planned project includes the following improvements.

  • increase capacity of I-40 by widening interstate from 4 to 6 lanes
  • provide eastbound and westbound auxiliary lanes on I-40 to reduce weaving conflicts
  • replace I-40 bridges at SR 5
  • replace SR 186 bridge over I-40
  • improve interchanges at SR 186 and SR 5
  • reconstruct the intersection of SR 186 at Casey Jones Lane/Carriage House Drive

These changes are necessary to address the local and regional needs of the area by enhancing operation, improving efficiency, and increasing safety at the designated locations.


The overall project will consist of three areas. The planned improvements for each area are outlined below.

Interstate 40 - from west of SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) to east of SR 5 (US 45) (2.9 mi)

  • widen I-40 from four to six lanes (three lanes in each direction)
  • replace the SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) bridge over I-40
  • remove existing cloverleaf ramps
  • construct ramps and install signals at ramp ends

SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) - from I-40 to Old Hickory Boulevard (0.2 mi)

  • improve the intersection of SR 186 (US 45 Bypass) at Casey Jones Lane/Carriage House Drive
  • construct turn lanes to allow left turns from Casey Jones Lane

Interstate 40 at SR 5 (US 45/North Highland Avenue)

  • replace the I-40 bridge over SR 5
  • construct a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)*

*A SPUI is designed to help move large volumes of traffic through limited amounts of space safely and efficiently.

For a summary of this project, download a copy of the September 2017 Public Information Meeting Handout. (pdf)