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Interstate 40 Interchange at State Route 196

Fayette County


The planned project along Interstate 40 at State Route 196 (Hickory Withe Road) includes construction of a new interchange near mile marker 29 in Fayette County. Interchange construction includes four concrete ramps, a concrete bulb-tee bridge over I-40, and asphalt paving along I-40 and SR 196. The $15.8 million contract was awarded to Harold Coffey Construction. Work is expected to be completed in fall 2018.

Purpose and Need

Construction of the interchange would make it the first Fayette County access point east of the Memphis Area. The adjacent interchange to the east is at SR 59, a distance of approximately five miles. The adjacent interchange to the west is at SR 205 (New Airline Road) in Shelby County, a distance of four miles.

The closest urban development, the City of Arlington, is located 4.5 miles northwest of the proposed project, and a small community, the City of Gallaway, is located 2.0 miles north of the proposed project. Gallaway annexed the area north of I-40 at the proposed I-40/SR 196 interchange location. The provision of an interchange at this location would allow access to I-40 from areas along both US 64 and SR 1/US 70/US 79. The interchange would also provide direct interstate access to Gallaway and an additional route to Arlington and Somerville.

The entire area surrounding the proposed interchange is contained within the Fayette County Planned Growth Area. SR 196, from Gallaway to Piperton, is also located within the planning area of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The proposed interchange project is consistent with the MPO’s 2026 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). In addition, the project was included in the FY 2008-2011 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Proposed Design

Within the project area, I-40 currently consists of a rural four-lane, controlled-access facility with a grass median and approximately 300 feet of right-of-way (ROW). SR 196 is currently a rural two-lane, non-access-controlled road with a pavement width of 22 feet and approximately 60 feet of ROW.

The proposed project would include construction of a standard diamond interchange that permits future construction of loop ramps within all four quadrants. Orr Road, which currently intersects SR 196 immediately south of the interstate, would need to be relocated south of its present location to allow for the construction of the ramp in the southwest quadrant of the proposed interchange. The cross section on SR 196 will be three 12-foot lanes within the interchange (two 12-foot traveling lanes and a 12-foot continuous left-turn lane) and 10-foot shoulders. All interchange ramps would have 16-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders. The realignment of Orr Road will be designed to meet minimum standards.

Project Location Map of Interstate 40 / SR 196 Interchange