State Route 16 (US 41-A)

Bedford, Coffee, and Franklin Counties


The State Route 16 (US 41-A) project encompasses approximately 12 miles between State Route 64 in Shelbyville and the Tullahoma city limits. An existing principal arterial route, “Highway 41-A” connects Shelbyville in Bedford County, Tullahoma in Coffee County, and Winchester in Franklin County. Upon request from local elected officials, TDOT agreed to study the existing route for possible operating deficiencies.  When the study was completed in May 1996 and documented in an Advanced Planning Report, the 20-year traffic projections were applied to the existing route conditions. It was determined that if the route were not improved, a projected increase in traffic congestion and accidents would occur and overall safety would be impaired. The Department recommended increasing the number of lanes; increasing lane, structure, and shoulder widths; and improving route deficiencies.

Improvements along SR 16 are divided into three sections.

SR 64 east of Shelbyville (to Jenkins Road) to SR 276 in Bedford County

This section of SR 16 will begin by widening the route from two 12-foot lanes to five 12-foot lanes, from just west of SR 64 to the Duck River bridge and beyond to Jenkins Road. After Jenkins Road, the road will transition from five lanes to a four-lane divided highway with a 48-foot grass median to the project limits at SR 276. The Right-of-Way width will vary starting with a minimum 104 feet for the five-lane section to variable widths for the divided road. NOTE: This section has been divided into two segments for the purpose of funding construction. See details under "Timeline" on this website.

SR 276 to west of Magnolia Lane in Bedford and Moore Counties

At SR 276, the divided highway will continue beyond Shipman’s Creek Road and begin transitioning to five 12-foot lanes with an additional truck climbing lane at some locations. This design will run to the project limits just west of Magnolia Lane. The Right-of-Way width will vary throughout this project section. NOTE: This section has been divided into two new segments for the purpose of funding construction. See details under "Timeline" on this website.

West of Moore-Coffee County line to North Washington Street in Tullahoma

From the Moore/Coffee County line, the route will consist of five 12-foot lanes into Tullahoma.