State Route 109 - US 70 to Cumberland River

Wilson County


The project for State Route 109, from north of State Route 24 (US 70) to south of the Cumberland River bridge in Wilson County, consists of widening the two-lane roadway to a five-lance facility, allowing for a dedicated center turn lane. The proposed design essentially follows the existing alignment with a shift toward the east at Academy Road.

The improvements cover approximately 6.88 miles and are part of a larger effort to address congestion, improve safety, and accommodate growth along the entire 35-mile SR 109 corridor.

Purpose and Need

SR 109 has been identified as a strategic corridor, serving as the primary north-south connector between I-65 in Sumner County and I-40 in Wilson County. It is a heavily-traveled corridor that connects several communities in middle Tennessee.

The section of SR 109 between US 70 and the Cumberland River is a two-lane facility with several local access points (including but not limited to Academy Road, Burton Road, Bloodworth Road, and Northern Road). Additional lanes are needed to meet existing and future traffic demands.

Widening the roadway will improve safety and increase capacity. The proposed improvements are also consistent with the completed/proposed plans to widen the entire corridor between Sumner and Wilson Counties.


The current roadway between US 70 and the Cumberland River consists of two 12-foot travel lanes. The proposed design would widen the existing two-lane undivided roadway to a five-lane undivided roadway with four 12-foot travel lanes (two in each direction), a 12-foot continuous center turn lane, and 10-foot shoulders. Right of Way will vary between 104 and 200 feet.

In addition to widening, the intersection at Academy Road will be reconstructed to allow for the construction of turn lane (on Academy Road) and a new traffic signal.

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VIDEO: The State Route 109 widening project in Wilson County includes a Smart Work Zone, equipped with 11 message boards, 7 radar detection systems, and 3 cameras. The message boards are posted on either end of the project and display expected travel delays. There are few alternate routes once drivers get in the construction zone, so warning motorists in time for them to avoid the area is the goal of the Smart Work Zone.