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State Route 247 (Duplex Road)

Maury and Williamson Counties


The project for State Route 247 (Duplex Road), from State Route 6 (Main Street) in Maury County to west of Interstate 65 in Williamson County, includes reconstruction and widening for approximately 3.20 miles. The proposed improvements are intended to increase capacity,  improve safety, and improve intersection operation throughout the corridor.

Purpose and Need

SR 247 is an urban collector  route that connects Main Street (SR 6) to SR 106 east of I-65. The roadway serves several new, large-scale residential subdivisions, and provides east-west access to SR-6. Traffic counts along the corridor average 12,430 vehicles per day.

There are six roadway intersections along this section of  Duplex Road, as well as numerous driveway and access road intersections  for business, residence and subdivision entrances. Due to the existing hills within the roadway, vertical alignment changes will be made to improve safety and line of sight.

New turn lanes are needed to improve safety and decrease travel times by removing turning vehicles from through lanes of traffic.


The existing roadway is primarily two lanes with occasional center turn lanes throughout. The project will widen the existing roadway to a three-lane facility, including two 12-foot travel lanes, a 12-foot dedicated center turn lane, with curb and gutter. The design for the majority of Duplex Road will also include a 9-foot wide paved, shared-use path on the north side, and a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the south side. New curbs and gutters, underground storm drainage and grass strip will also be included on both sides. New signals, with turn lanes, will be added at the intersections of Main Street, Miles Johnson, Commonwealth Drive, Port Royal Road, and Buckner Lane.