Interstate 65 Widening

Robertson County

The 9.68 mile project for Interstate 65 (I-65), from near State Route (SR) 25 to near SR consists of widening the roadway to six total lanes, replacing 10 bridges and four overpasses, building 17 retaining walls, adding ITS throughout the corridor, and converting the northbound weigh station into truck parking. The planned improvements are designed to improve capacity and operation of I-65. The project will:

·         Improve the capacity and operation of the I-65 corridor    

·         Improve drainage and stabilize subsurface issues

·         Replace deficient bridges

·         Repair damaged concrete pavement on ramps 

·         Increase deceleration lanes for off ramps

·         Provide truck parking area

·         Provide additional clearance for potential future widening of I-65

This $160 million project is the largest in TDOT history.

Current Status: [

Estimated construction start:

Estimated completion*: April 2025

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Traffic Impacts [only to be included for projects under construction]

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Key Project Milestones

Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way and Construction. The widening of I-65, from near State Route 25 to near State Route 109, is currently in the Construction phase.



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Community Relations Officer: Rebekah Hammonds;

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