Interstate 65 Wedgewood Avenue Interchange

Davidson County


Two projects are planned for the interchange at Interstate 65 and Wedgewood Avenue in Davidson County, which will include repairing the bridge overpass and modifying the off-ramps. The combined length of the projects is approximately 0.14 miles.

Purpose and Need

The I-65 interchange at Wedgewood Avenue (Exit 81) is located approximately one mile south of the multi-interstate convergence point in Nashville known as the downtown loop. The exit provides a connection to both commercial and residential developments.

Continued growth in the Wedgewood-Houston area and neighboring communities, as well as increased traffic volumes along the I-65 corridor, has increased concerns for the safety of the interchange. Additionally, the overpass bridge, originally built in 1970, is showing signs of deterioration.

The planned modifications will not only improve the safety and operation of the I-65 / Wedgewood Avenue interchange but will also provide needed repairs to the overpass structure.


The two projects planned for the interchange consist of three areas – the I-65 northbound exit ramp, the I-65 southbound exit ramp, and the I-65 bridge overpass. Improvements for each area are outlined below.

I-65 Off-Ramps (northbound and southbound) I-65 Bridge over Wedgewood Avenue
  • widen I-65 South off-ramp from 2 lanes to 3 lanes
  • replace overhead sign on I-65 South off-ramp
  • replace pedestrian signals/poles
  • replace cantilever signal arms
  • grading, drainage, paving*
*paving to include section of Wedgewood Avenue under I-65
  • complete full- and partial-depth deck repairs
  • replace deteriorated sections of bridge cantilevers
  • replace median barrier rail
  • repair abutment endwalls
  • complete spot painting of structural steel
  • remove and replace existing asphalt wearing surface


For the bridge repairs, a portion of I-65 and Wedgewood Avenue will be closed to traffic for THREE weekends. A full closure of I-65 will be scheduled in fall 2020, and two partial closures of I-65 will be scheduled in spring 2021. During the scheduled interstate closures, Wedgewood Avenue will be closed underneath the interstate overpass.

In addition to the weekend closures, Wedgewood Avenue under I-65 will be closed overnights for approximately two weeks.

The lane closures will be set up as follows.  

  • During the interstate closures, I-65 will be closed from the downtown loop (I-65/I-40 split) to the I-440 interchange -- in either direction or both directions depending on the scheduled work. 
  • During the avenue closures, Wedgewood Avenue will be closed between the on- and off-ramps on either side of the interstate. No traffic will be allowed under the overpass bridge.
  • During any scheduled closure (interstate and/or avenue), motorists traveling Wedgwood Avenue will have limited access I-65. Those traveling east on Wedgewood Avenue will have access to the I-65 South on-ramp only. Those traveling west on Wedgewood Avenue will have access to the I-65 North on-ramp only.

Detours will be dependent upon specific bridge work. Interstate and local access maps will be provided. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic should follow directional signage near the work zone.

See the Timeline section of the project website for details on the planned closures.


The above video explains the planned lane closures for I-65 at Wedgewood Avenue.