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Interstate 440

Davidson County

Welcome to the Interstate 440 Reconstruction project website!

The latest project information - including news releases, videos, and construction schedule, and lane closure activity - will be provided on this landing page. For other detailed information - including Overview, Timeline, Public Involvement, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contacts - please select the corresponding pages from the dropdown menu for this project.

To view all TDOT-produced I-440 videos, see the links provided below or visit the TDOTnews YouTube Channel, I-440 playlist.

Upcoming Schedule - Updated June 18, 2019

Schedule information is tentative and subject to change. To check current traffic conditions and/or to view traffic cameras, please visit

I-40 to Hillsboro Pike 

  •          Subgrade and CTB
  •         Underdrain installation
  •         Approach slabs at Charlotte and RR bridges
  •         Asphalt Paving
  •         Concrete barrier wall to begin
  •         I-40 yard base loadout & cleanup
  •         Street Lighting at West End ramps

Hillsboro Pike to I-65 

  •        Drainage activities
  •       Subgrade and CTB
  •        Asphalt Paving
  •        Concrete barrier wall to begin
  •        Superstructure work at Craig & Lealand bridges
  •        Street Lighting at Hillsboro ramps
  •        Sign foundations
  •          24/7 rubblization expected to begin in July   

I-440 Bridges over I-65

  •          Columns and caps below I-440 will continue
  •          Use of Gantry crane on I-440 bridge
  •          Demolition of parapet
  •          Abutment work to continue
  •          Drill Shaft 5

I-65 to Nolensville Pike 

  •          Asphalt paving
  •          Drainage activities
  •          Subgrade and CTB
  •         Street light installation
  •         Sign Foundations
  •         24/7 rubblization expected to begin in July

Nolensville Pike to I-24 

  •          Off-roadway activities in construction yards at I-24
  •          Drainage activities
  •          Sign foundations

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