Interstate 24 SMART Corridor

Davidson and Rutherford Counties


Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way (ROW), and Construction. ROW acquisition is not needed for this project. Construction is expected to occur in phases.

The following is a reflection of various aspects of the project phases as they have occurred or will occur for the I-24 SMART Corridor.

Phase 1: Short-Term Deployments  
Design Completed Summer 2018
Construction Estimated Completion December 2021
Phase 2: Intermediate Deployments  
Design Completed Summer 2019
Construction Estimated Completion Summer 2023
Phase 3: Long-Term Deployments  
Design Completion Forecasted for December 2022
Construction Completion Forecasted for Summer 2024

* All forecasted dates are subject to change.

Details about each planned deployment are outlined below.

Phase 1: Short-Term Deployments

  • Contract was awarded October of 2018 for $18,688,440.80
  • Ramp improvements and emergency pull-offs along I-24
  • Roadside dynamic message signs (DMS) along I-24
  • Dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) deployment along I-24 and the arterials
  • Upgraded signal system including updated signal timings along the arterials

Phase 2: Intermediate Deployments

  • Contract was awarded in October of 2019 for $45,778,075.30
  •  Upgraded fiber along I-24
  • Overhead DMS for Active Traffic Management System along I-24
  • Upgraded detection along I-24 and the arterials

Phase 3: Long-Term Deployments

  • This part of the project is currently in the design stage
  •  Ramp Metering along I-24
  • Upgraded fiber along arterials
  • CCTVs and DMS along arterials
  • ADA improvements along arterials
  • Automated Decision Support Systems for Active Traffic Management for entire corridor