State Route 52 Corridor J

Overton County


The proposal to improve State Route 52, from State Route 136 to State Route 111 in Livingston, Overton County, was initially identified as a highway system needed in the Upper Cumberland area to provide better access and to enhance the economic development of the region.

The proposed improvements include widening the existing roadway to four lanes. The project has been divided into two sections:

  • from near Oakley-Allons Road to SR 111
  • from SR 136 to Oakley-Allons Road

Project Location Map (.pdf)

The section of SR 52 from near Oakley-Allons Road to Allred Street will be four lanes with shoulders and ditches and a center turning lane.

The section of SR 52 from Allred Street to SR 111 will be a four-lane section with curbs and gutters and a center turning lane.

Purpose and Need

Improvements to SR 52 are part of the proposed four-lane route identified to connect all of Tennessee’s county seats to the interstate system. This section of SR 52 has been designated as part of Corridor J, one of the federal Appalachian Routes running through Tennessee.

TDOT completed a transportation planning report (TPR) for this section of SR 52 in early 2008. The report provided a brief history of the project, preliminary purpose and need for the project, and review of the existing conditions and proposed improvements, among other information. There were deficiencies noted in the report, including deficient vertical and horizontal alignments, which indicates much of the route has inadequate sight distance. In addition, the majority of the route is comprised of no-passing zones.