State Route 101 (Peavine Road)

Cumberland County

The following reflects construction activity scheduled for the current time period. All work is weather dependent.

Work on this project continues.  Construction signs have been installed.  The contractor will be installing and maintaining erosion control measures.  Clearing and grubbing, utility relocation, and grade work activities are in progress.  Temporary lane closures may be needed, and motorists should be alert for construction personnel and equipment along SR-101 Peavine Road. 

Check back for more information on specific lane closures as they are scheduled.


Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way (ROW), and Construction. Improvements to State Route 101 (Peavine Road) were divided into two smaller sections or phases for project development, but were combined into one large project for construction. The project is currently under construction, and covers a distance of 5.678 miles between Firetower Road and Westchester/Catoosa Boulvard.

Below is a reflection of various aspects of the project phases as they occurred for the SR 101 (Peavine Road) proposed improvements.

Request for Project Initiated 1999    
Advanced Planning Report (Preliminary Engineering Begins) Approved 2000    
Final Environmental Document (Design Begins) Approved October 2002    
Design Public Hearing February 2003    
Public Information Meeting (Fairfield Glade) October 2005    
Road Safety Audit (RSA) Completed November 2005    
RSA Audit Improvements (Signing and Highway Markings) Completed May 2006    
VEC Transmission Line Installation (non-TDOT) 2006-2007    
Proposed Improvements Split into Phases July 2009    
Reevaluation of Final Environmental Document Approved February 2015    
VEC Transmission Line Relocation (TDOT contract) Currently Underway    
Phase I: from near Firetower Road to near Lakeview Drive      
ROW Plans Issued December 2010    
ROW Appraisal and Acquisition Completed October 2015    
Phase II: from near Lakeview Drive to east of Westchester Drive/Catoosa Boulevard      
ROW Plans Issued September 2011    
ROW Appraisal and Acquisition Completed (date)    
Phase I & II (combined)      
Construction Contract Award December 2016    
Estimated Completion Date November 2020    

Previous Bid Lettings

Proposed improvements for Peavine Road were opened for bids on various dates.  The following table reflects the issues associated with previous bid lettings.

July 10, 2015 and August 28, 2015 Availability of protected species coordination shifts the proposed letting to August 2015, then December 2015.    
December 4, 2015 Biological Opinion on protected species is issued. One contractor bids. The bid is greater than 30% above estimate and must be rejected. Letting shifts to February 2016.    
February 12, 2016 Two contractors bid. Both bids are greater than 30% above estimate and must be rejected.    
April 1, 2016 VEC Relocation Project receives three bids within estimate. Contract is awarded to Davis H. Elliot Construction Company, Inc. for $4.4 million.    
December 2, 2016 Phase I & II receives two bids within estimate. Contract is awarded to Rogers Group, Inc. for $49.2 million.    

Prior to the February 2016 letting, the VEC relocation project was bundled with Phase I construction. Following the second bid rejection, TDOT decided to separate the utility relocation from the proposed roadway improvements.  A contract was awarded for the VEC relocation, and a Value Engineering study was completed on the remaining sections of the project (Phase I & II). Following the study, the two sections of Peavine Road (2.9 miles from Firetower Road to Lakeview Drive and 2.3 miles from Lakeview Drive to Westchester Drive/Catoosa Boulevard) are now bundled together as one project.

Additionally, TDOT held a Constructability Review for Peavine Road construction in July 2016. This additional review helped address risk areas that contractors indicated were driving the higher bids. Addressing the risks encouraged more competition and allowed the project to proceed as currently scheduled with little impact on the overall completion date. The combined phases of construction were let to contract in December 2016, with work expected to begin in early spring 2017 and finish in late 2020.