Interstate 24 Interchanges at Broad and Market Streets

Hamilton County
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The planned project for the interchanges along Interstate 24 at US 41 (State Route (SR) 2 / Broad Street) and SR 58 (Market Street) includes replacing the loops and ramps that serve as exits and entrances of I-24 East and US 27 and creating a new frontage road for approximately 1.6 miles.

The area around I-24 near Exit 178 is often seen as the gateway to Chattanooga from the west. The loops and ramps that serve as exits and entrances of I-24 East and US 27 to areas south of the city are outdated. Additionally, the south side of Chattanooga has been blighted since the closure of the U.S. Pipe/Wheland Foundry site. Currently, the county and city are working with developers to revitalize the area, which would increase traffic flow to the area.

The planned interchange project will improve the safety and operation of the interstate, as well as provide improved access to US 27, Broad and Market Streets and other points on the south side of the city. The new facility will accommodate current and future traffic demands, promote economic growth and support area redevelopment.

Current Status: Under Construction

Estimated construction start: September 2020

Estimated completion*: August 2023


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History and Background

The existing design along I-24 East at Exit 178 consists of a series of loops and ramps that connect the interstate with US 27, as well as a Broad, Williams, and Market Streets.

The planned design will replace the existing loops and ramps that currently serve I-24 East and US 27 with a new, single ramp, serving exiting traffic from both I-24 East and US 27 South.

The new ramp will be constructed on the south side of I-24, west of the I-24/US 27 interchange, between the old Wheland Foundry site and the Tennessee River. It will bridge over Chestnut Street and the Riverwalk at the old foundry site.

The new ramp will transition to a frontage road that will run parallel to I-24. The frontage road will provide access to Broad Street, Williams Street, and Market Street at signalized intersections.

Traffic entering I-24 East from the south side of the city will use the frontage road to access the interstate on a newly constructed on-ramp near Howard School.

Additional points of interest:

·        Williams Street will be altered to accommodate two-way traffic.

·        Long Street will be closed to all vehicle traffic. A cul-de-sac will be constructed to provide access to homes and businesses near the 25th Street intersection.

·        26th Street will not be affected by the new facility.

·        Howard School traffic will maintain access to Market Street and I-24.

·        Existing loops and ramps serving I-24 West and US 27 North, located north of I-24 in the same area, will have only minor adjustments. Traffic flow will not be impacted.

Construction also includes grading, drainage, and paving throughout the project limits, as well as the addition of bridges, retaining walls, signals and lighting. 



Project Imagery & Visuals


Video: TDOT Commissioner Clay Bright joins state and local leaders to celebrate
the start of the I-24 interchange project at Broad and Market Streets in Chattanooga.



Key Project Milestones

Let to Contract: 06/26/2020


Project Contacts

Rae Anne Bradley

TDOT Region 2 Community Relations Officer (media)

Phone: 423.510.1164



David Wagner

TDOT Region 2 District Supervisor

Project Manager

Phone: 423.478.0338



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