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State Route 1 (US 70) at State Route 2 (US 11)

Loudon County


The proposed project along State Route 1 (Kingston Pike/US 70) includes improvements at the intersection of State Route 2 (Lee Highway/US 11), also known as the Dixie Lee Junction, in Loudon County. Planned improvements include the realignment of SR 2, as well as the addition of turn lanes and a new traffic signal at the intersection.

Both SR 1 and SR 2 are considered primary routes within the state. SR 1 runs the length of the state, while SR 2 runs through several counties before ending at the Dixie Lee Junction. Average daily traffic through the intersection ranges from 6,000 to 12,000 vehicles per day. The area adjacent to the existing intersection is primarily commercial with some residences and one church. The intersection lies within Loudon County, but is located only 0.1 miles from the Knox County line and the Town of Farragut city limits.

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) initially requested a study of the intersection on behalf of Loudon County. The study revealed several roadway deficiencies including broken roadway continuity, limited sight distance, and multiple conflict points that impact the overall safety and operation of the intersection.

Purpose and Need

Improvements to the existing intersection are necessary to address the local and regional needs of the area by enhancing operation and increasing safety at the location. Improvements include the following:

  • additional intersection capacity
  • improved intersection operations
  • improved intersection geometrics and safety
  • improved facility for alternative modes of transportation


Currently, Dixie Lee Junction is a three-legged T-intersection ranging from two to five lanes, depending on the direction of travel. The northbound approach of SR 2 and the westbound approach of SR 1 are connected as a continuous route. The eastbound approach of SR 1, which is controlled with a stop sign, intersects the continuous route within a horizontal curve, creating an undesirable intersect point. Additionally, Harrison Lane, Shipley Lane, and seven driveways access the continuous route within the same curve.

The proposed design consists of a four-legged signalized intersection. SR 1 and SR 2 will be realigned to intersect at a 90-degree angle to meet the existing entrance of Two Rivers Church. A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection. Travel lanes will be designated as follows:

  • SR 1 westbound will consists of five (5) lanes, with one (1) westbound thru lane along SR 1 and two (2) left turn lanes to SR 2
  • SR 1 eastbound will consist of one (1) shared thru/right lane and one (1) exclusive left turn bay
  • SR 2 northbound will consist of one (1) left turn lane and one (1) free-flow right turn add lane

The existing section of SR 2 remaining from the realignment will be maintained as a frontage road to control access to the existing businesses. The property located within the southeast quadrant of the proposed intersection will have access off the frontage road, and a section of controlled access right-of-way will eliminate future driveway accesses from being allowed at that location.