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State Route 115 (US 129) Alcoa Highway

Blount and Knox Counties


Transportation projects are developed in three phases: Preliminary Engineering, Right-of-Way (ROW) and Construction. Due to the significant size of the State Route 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway) project, the proposed improvements have been separated into seven smaller sections or phases. Below is a summary of the current status of each section.

Blount County    
from north of SR 35 (Hall Road) to proposed interchange at Tyson Boulevard
Construction Estimated Completion - November 2021
from proposed interchange at Tyson Boulevard to SR 162 (Pellissippi Pkwy) Right-of-Way  
from SR 162 (Pellissippi Pkwy) to existing Alcoa Hwy at South Singleton Station Road Right-of-Way  
from South Singleton Station Road to south of Little River Preliminary Engineering  
Knox County
from south of Little River to north of Maloney Road Construction Construction began October 2019. Estimated completion - May 2023.
from north of Maloney Road to Woodson Drive Construction Estimated Completion - January 2020
from Woodson Drive to Cherokee Trail interchange Right-of-Way This project is anticipated to begin construction activities in late Spring/early Summer 2021

*All forecasted dates are subject to change.