State Route 92 Bridge Replacement

Jefferson County


This project for State Route 92 over the French Broad River in Dandridge, Jefferson County, includes replacement of the old bridge with a new 52-foot wide, steel girder bridge, with two 12-foot travel lanes, 10-foot shoulders, and 5-foot sidewalk.

Purpose and Need

The SR 92 bridge is critical in the connection between the communities south of the French Broad River and the City of Dandridge, as well as Interstate 40. Without the bridge, residents of communities south of the river would drive an additional 15 to 20 miles to access the next closest bridge. The Point Resort marina and TVA public access also generate a significant amount of heavy vehicle traffic that relies on the bridge to cross the river. Narrow lane widths on the existing truss bridge create uncomfortable passing conditions for these large vehicles. Additionally, school buses, which cross the bridge on a daily basis, frequently report damaged mirrors.

This project will address safety and capacity issues by replacing the current bridge with a new, wider structure. Additionally, the project will maintain the historic integrity of the Dandridge community and improve opportunities for bicycling and walking.

                       SR 92 Bridge Location Map (Dandridge, Tennessee)

SR 92 Bridge Location Map

Video: On October 3, 2017, traffic was shifted for the first time to the new SR 92 bridge in Dandridge.
Construction of the bridge is ongoing.