SR 63 Bridge Construction and Paving

The purpose of this project is to increase the viability of State Route (SR) 63 from the current two-lane format to a four-lane corridor. The improvements are intended to reduce crashes and address the immediate safety needs of the heavily-traveled corridor.

The Campbell County SR 63 portion of this 5.2-mile project consists of the grading, drainage, construction of a concrete box bridge and paving on SR 63 from near Frontier Road/Woodson Lane.

The Claiborne County SR 63 portion of this 5.3-mile project consists of the grading, drainage and paving on SR 63 from the Claiborne County line to Hall Lane.

Current Status: October 3, 2023

Phase 1 of the stream mitigation in Claiborne County has been completed. Phase 2 is currently underway. There have been 36 box culvert extensions put into place. Fiber relocation is underway. Water and electric relocation have been completed. Excavation and fill operations are continuing. Phase 1 paving of the AS Mix has been completed in Campbell County.

Construction start: 2022

Estimated completion*: 2025

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Traffic Impacts

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History and Background

To read more about improvements to this corridor, visit the Chapman Highway project website.


Public Involvement and Engagement




Key Project Milestones

1.     Phase 1

·       SR63 Northbound (Left) side Campbell and Claiborne

    • Grading-> utility relocates -> drainage features construction -> filling -> paving
    • Beginning March 2022 until October 2023

2. Phase 2

  • SR63 Southbound (right) side Campbell and Claiborne 
    • Utility relocates -> drainage features
      • Beginning April 2022 until October 2023 
    • Traffic switch -> grading -> drainage features -> paving
      • October 2023 until July 2025 
    • Final D-mix and striping
      • July 2025 until September 2025

Project Materials


Project Contacts

Project Manager: Thomas Bruce,

Community Relations Officer: Mark Nagi;

Project Email Address:

*Subject to change