State Route 62 (Western Avenue) Texas Ave to Major Ave

Knox County


The purpose of the project on State Route 62 (Western Avenue), from Texas Avenue to Major Avenue in Knox County, is to improve the roadway, provide route continuity and correct existing route deficiencies including geometric (vertical and horizontal) design and operations. Additionally, implementing this project is considered necessary to serve the existing and future traffic demands on this section of SR 62. The existing section of Western Avenue that is not part of the reconstruction project will remain open to traffic and will be maintained by the City of Knoxville.

Other benefits of the proposed project include:

  • Route continuity by widening the existing two-lane road to match the existing four-lane sections on each end of the project 
  • Improve safety for pedestrian traffic flow in the area 
  • Reduce congestion and improve safety conditions from increasing traffic volumes 
  • Improve movement of goods and emergency services 
  • Improve traffic flow to/from commercial areas 
  • Provide improved access to/from Tennessee Avenue to Knoxville’s Coster Rail Yards redevelopment project
  • The project is included in the Knoxville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Long-Range Transportation Plan, Knoxville Urban Area MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program, and the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission’s Central City Sector Plan.

General Location Map (Project Limits)

General Location Map

Construction (September 2018)