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State Route 62 (Western Avenue) Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Road

Knox County


The project for State Route 62 (Western Avenue), from Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Road in Knox County, includes reconstruction and widening the existing two-lane roadway to a five-lane facility, for approximately 3.9 miles, following the current alignment. The project consists of four 12-foot traffic lanes, a 12-foot center lane, 10-foot outside shoulders, 2-foot curb & gutter, and 5-foot wide sidewalks.

The purpose of the improvements are to correct the geometric, structural, operational, and safety deficiencies on this section of SR 62. The primary benefits include:

  • Improved safety, reduced congestion and delays, and improved overall efficiency of the roadway
  • Enhanced economic development opportunities within the project area
  • Improved circulation among the communities in the project area
  • Improved regional accessibility through the project area
  • Reduced travel times