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State Route 332 (Concord Road) Widening

Knox County


The proposed project for State Route 332 (Concord Road), from Turkey Creek Road to Northshore Drive in Knox County, includes reconstruction and widening of the existing roadway for approximately one mile.

Purpose and Need

Concord Road is an urban minor arterial roadway which provides a connection between I-40/I-75 and areas along Northshore Drive, Choto Road, and other sections of West Knox County and Loudon County. Traffic volumes along the route are rapidly growing due to commercial and residential developments.

The widening of SR 332 is designed to improve local and regional accessibility, while also improving safety and operation, increasing capacity, and promoting economic development along the route.


The proposed design for SR 332 consists of widening the two-lane roadway to a four-lane facility with curb and gutter. The widened roadway will accommodate four-foot bike lanes. Other design features include a 12-foot center turn lane that transitions to a 14-foot raised median, 5-foot sidewalks and an 8-foot greenway.

Construction also includes replacement of the existing bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad.


Project update

Monday, October 28 – Wednesday, November 27:

The contractor is continuing installation of storm drainage as well as grading operations along the west side of Concord Road between Loop Road and the sewer plant access road. This work is in preparation of constructing the new western alignment of Concord Road. The contractor is currently waiting for approval for a temporary railway crossing to continue constructing the new western alignment of the bridge. Once the contractor receives approval, the contractor will continue work on the bridge by beginning excavation for the northern bent foundation.

The contractor will continue to install gas line along and across Concord Road. The utility work will require a temporary lane closure in the right lane northbound on Concord Road. This closure will occur during non-commute hours (9am-3pm). Summerdale Drive and Turkey Creek Road will not be affected by this work. The contractor will also continue relocating the electric line along Concord Road. This may intermittently mean temporary power outages while transferring lines and transformers. These operations will receive approval from Lenoir City Utility Board prior to taking place. Thecontractor will  complete the in-contract phase 1 sewer relocation.

Special Lane Closures:

First Utility District is performing water relocations out-of-contract at the Summerdale Drive and Concord Road intersection. This work has utilized temporary closures of Summerdale Drive from 9am-3pm. More specific details regarding when these operations are taking place can be addressed by First Utility District.

Video shows early construction underway along SR 332 (Concord Road) as of February 26, 2019.