State Route 115 (US 129) Alcoa Highway Maloney Road to Woodson Drive

Knox County

Motorists traveling in Knox County should be aware of upcoming traffic changes along Alcoa Highway in Knox County. Beginning on Thursday, July 8, the southbound ramp on Alcoa Highway to Montlake Drive will be opened. This will allow motorists direct access to the round-a-bout at Montlake Drive. Motorists will also be able to access Quiet Side Lane (previously Montlake Court), Woodson Drive, Barber Hill Drive, and Mt. Vernon Drive, as well as businesses along Alcoa Highway northbound.

Alcoa Highway


The project along State Route 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway), from south of Maloney Road to Woodson Drive in Knox County, includes widening the roadway for approximately 1.4 miles. Improvements follow the existing alignment and consist of widening the existing roadway to six lanes (three lanes in each direction). A new interchange will be also constructed at Maloney Road.

This project is part of a larger effort to reconstruct and widen Alcoa Highway from State Route 35 (Hall Road) to Cherokee Trail in Blount and Knox Counties. Due to the significant size of the overall project, the proposed improvements have been separated into seven smaller sections or phases. To read more about all improvements for the corridor, visit the Alcoa Highway project website.

Purpose and Need

Alcoa Highway is a major connection between the City of Knoxville and the Cities of Alcoa and Maryville, as well as providing a route to McGhee Tyson Airport and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The proposed improvements for the heavily-traveled corridor are intended to increase capacity, correct roadway deficiencies, and reduce crashes in order to address transportation needs by improving the safety, efficiency, and operation of the roadway.


Alcoa Highway from Maloney Road to Woodson Drive is one of seven sections that will improve the corridor in Blount and Knox Counties. (See Alcoa Highway project website)

The section between Maloney Road and Woodson Drive will follow the existing alignment, widening the roadway to six lanes (three in each direction) with a concrete median barrier wall.

Interchanges and frontage roads will provide safe access to other local roads, local businesses, and neighborhoods.

A new interchange will be constructed at Maloney Road, and three bridges will be constructed to provide connection to the new frontage roads that will access Woodson Drive, Montlake Drive, Mount Vernon Drive, and Maloney Drive.

Roundabouts will be installed at East Maloney Road, West Maloney Road, and Montlake Drive.

A greenway will be constructed along the southbound section, from Montlake Drive to south of Alcoa Way Shopping Center and will eventually provide a connection between the Knoxville and Blount County Greenways.

Construction Update

For more construction updates, visit the Timeline section of the project website. For more pictures, visit the Library section of the project website.

Alcoa Highway project

bridge & frontage road construction near Mt Vernon Drive & Bunker Hill Road - September 2020

Alcoa Highway project

frontage road construction, connecting Montlake Drive & Barber Hill Road - September 2020

Alcoa Highway project

bridge view, looking northbound toward Montlake Drive & Woodson Drive - September 2020

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