State Route 1 (Kingston Pike) at Watt Road

Knox County


The planned project for State Route 1 (US 11 / Kingston Pike) at the intersection of Watt Road in Knox County consists of spot safety improvements on both North Watt Road and South Watt Road. The project includes new signals, turn lanes, sidewalks, and drainage modifications.

Purpose and Need

Kingston Pike is a major arterial located in the Town of Farragut in southwestern Knox County. It is the only east-west connector spanning the entire length of the town. Watt Road is a major arterial running north-south, providing a vital link between Kingston Pike and Interstate 40/75.
Increased growth in the area, including commercial and residential developments, as well as the extension of Watt Road in 2014, have increased traffic volumes at the intersection.

The planned modifications are needed to improve the safety and operation of the intersection, relieve delays and congestion, and accommodate current and future traffic demands.


TDOT plans to redesign the intersection of Kingston Pike and Watt Road with grading, paving, and signalization. Medians will be removed, new signals will be installed, and a new business entrance will be constructed off South Watt Road for Dixie Lee Wines & Liquors.

The layout of North Watt Road will change with the addition of a right turn lane. The layout of South Watt Road and Kingston Pike will remain the same.

Sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian signals will be added to the intersection.