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Interstate 640 Reconstruction

Knox County


Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way (ROW) and Construction. Due to the size of the corridor, Interstate 640 reconstruction has been divided into two sections or phases. Below is the status of each phase.

Phase 1: I-640 between I-75/I-275 and I-40 (west of Knoxville)

This phase is currently under construction.

Let to Contract:             03/26/2021
Contractor:                     Rogers Group, Inc.
Bid Price:                         $13,831,038
Est. Completion Date: November 2021

Lane Closures

Lane closures and lane shifts for Phase 1 are expected in the project area during construction. Lane closures will be scheduled overnight, Sunday through Thursday, between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. During the closures, at least one of travel will remain open at all times in each direction. Additional lane closures may be scheduled overnight Friday and Saturday, between 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Phase 2: I-640 between I-40 (east of Knoxville) and I-75/I-275

This phase is currently under development. Construction is forecasted for spring 2022.

Lane Closures

Lane closures for Phase 2 are expected to be more significant in the project area during construction. Additional information will be released as plans are developed and the contract is awarded.