Interstate 640 Reconstruction

Knox County


Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way (ROW) and Construction. Due to the size of the corridor, Interstate 640 reconstruction has been divided into two sections or phases. Below is the status of each phase.

Phase 1: I-640 between I-75/I-275 and I-40 (west of Knoxville) is complete.

Phase 2: I-640 between I-40 (east of Knoxville) and I-75/I-275

Construction began in July 2022.


Phase 2 Details

Let to Contract:            April 2022
Contractor:                    Rogers Group, Inc.
Bid Price:                        $21,166,331.90
Est. Completion Date: November 30, 2023


I-640 Reconstruction Project Handout - July 2022


Project Update

February 27, 2023

The contractor will be paving the WB bridge over McIntyre Road and will shortly thereafter swap WB traffic between the I-40 interchange and the Millertown exit. Contractor plans to start rubblization after WB shift is complete.  

February 7, 2023

Bridge subcontractor has completed bridge repairs. Contractor is working to pave bridge and swap WB traffic. Contractor plans to start rubblization after WB shift is complete.

September 26, 2022

Phase 1 rubblization is completed in both directions. Ramps are still left to rubblized. Filler aggregate was approved and placed on both westbound and eastbound lanes.  Contractor has started paving A mix. Westbound lanes are complete and eastbound lanes are paved through Millertown Pike exit.

August 28, 2022

The contractor has completed the eastbound traffic shift and is setting barrier rail. The contractor has completed rubblization of the westbound lanes. Eastbound lanes are being milled and underdrain will start shortly.  

August 8, 2022

The contractor has continued with the removal of the existing asphalt structure and placement of aggregate underdrain on the westbound side of I-640. On the eastbound side, the contractor has shifted traffic and is setting barrier rail to establish the eastbound workzone. The contractor has mobilized concrete rubblization equipment. Work is underway demolishing or rubblizing the underlying concrete pavement structure. After the rubblization, the material will be compacted in place. This will become the aggregate base for the new pavement structure. This work is anticipated to continue in the next few weeks.

July 28, 2022

The contractor completed the WB traffic shift and is setting barrier rail. The contractor has started milling WB lanes for the underdrain installation to be started.  

July 23, 2022

Work is underway on the I-640 Reconstruction Project.  

Temporary closures were utilized in preparation for the traffic shifts and permanent lane closures that are now in place on the westbound side of I-640. Work is underway with crews setting barrier rail, removing the existing asphalt structure, and placing of aggregate underdrain in the first phase work area.

Starting next week, the contractor plans on shifting traffic on the eastbound side of I-640. This shift will occur nightly, weather permitting. 


July 7, 2022

Motorists traveling on I-640 East and West in Knox County should be aware of upcoming road construction activities that will have an effect on traffic.Beginning at 7 p.m. on Sunday, July 10, I-640 East and West will be reduced from three lanes to two lanes and traffic shifted between Mile Marker 6 (Broadway exit) and I-40.  This is the start of rubblization activities in the area, and lane closures will be in place 24/7. This schedule is contingent on favorable weather conditions. Motorists should expect delays and are advised to use extreme caution in this area as workers will be present.