State Route 71 (US 441) Chapman Highway - Evans Road to Burnett Lane

Knox County


The project along State Route 71 (US 441/Chapman Highway), from Evans Road to Burnett Lane in Knox County, includes widening the existing roadway for approximately 0.9 miles.

This project is part of a larger effort to improve the safety and efficiency of the Chapman Highway corridor in Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties. Due to the significant size of the overall project, the proposed improvements have been separated into six smaller sections or phases. To read more about all improvements to the corridor, visit the Chapman Highway project website.

Purpose and Need

Chapman Highway is a major connection between Knoxville and Sevierville, accommodating commercial and residential traffic. Increased growth and development along the corridor, and the resulting high volume of traffic, have resulted in negative safety and capacity issues.
The proposed improvements are intended to reduce crashes and address the immediate safety needs of the heavily-traveled corridor.


Chapman Highway from Evans Road to Burnett Lane is one of six sections that will improve the corridor in Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties. (see Chapman Highway project website)  

The section between Evans Road and Burnett Lane will follow the existing alignment, widening the roadway to five lanes with four 11-foot travel lanes (two in each direction), a dedicated 12-foot center turn lane, and 3-foot paved shoulders.

A small portion of the project, between East Simpson Road and Sevierville Pike, will be realigned to improve access to the corridor. Driveway connections along this stretch will be modified to accommodate the new alignment. Additionally, Evans Road will be converted into a cul-de-sac and will not intersect Chapman Highway.

Drainage structures will be installed and an existing box culvert near Sevierville Pike will be extended. Two retaining walls will also be constructed west of West Simpson Road.

Traffic signals, bike lanes, and sidewalks are not planned for this project.