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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

River Route 3

Pickwick Landing to Dover

General directions heading north
Milepost 48.60: Riding north on State Route 202, make a left turn onto State Route 114.
Milepost 55.10: Leave Decatur County and enter Henderson County in Scotts Hill.
Milepost 56.00: Cross State route 100.
Milepost 61.50: State Route 201 will be on the right.
Milepost 65.70: Cross US-412 and continue north on Bible Grove Road. No services available for approximately 12 miles.


General directions heading south
Log Mile 97.40; Milepost 65.70: Traveling south on Bible Grove Road, cross US-412 and continue south on State Route 114. No services available for approximately 26 miles.
Log Mile 101.60; Milepost 61.50: State Route 201 will be on the left.
Log Mile 107.10; Milepost 56.00: Cross State Route 100.
Log Mile 108.00; Milepost 55.10: In Scotts Hill, leave Henderson County and enter Decatur County.
Log Mile 114.50; Milepost 48.60: Make a right turn onto State Route 202 and continue south.