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Pavement Preservation

Tennessee continues to have one of the top road systems in the nation. TDOT received eight national awards for perpetual pavements from the National Asphalt Pavement Alliance. Media surveys and reports have rated Tennessee's highway network as one of the best. National research projects have shown TDOT has the smoothest interstates in the nation. In 2011, TDOT received the Sorenson Award for National Leadership in Pavement Preservation. Our infrastructure is well built and able to stand the test of time and the repetitive loading that moves our nation's economy.

In the future, many challenges face Tennessee. With the increase in oil and construction materials, TDOT's purchasing power is eroding. Business and manufacturing has streamlined and is more efficient with "just-in-time" logistics increasing the number of trucks on our system. Since 1970, traffic has nearly doubled.

Instead of reactive or routine maintenance, preventive maintenance has been TDOT's strategy of cost-effective pavement treatments to an existing roadway to extend the life or improve the serviceability of the pavement. The purpose of TDOT's Pavement Management Program is to protect the pavement structural integrity, maintain functional characteristics, slow the rate of pavement deterioration and/or correct pavement surface deficiencies.

In 2008, TDOT took a bold step by directing each of the four regions to spend 10% of their maintenance budgets on pavement preservation. In 2014, each region will spend 75% on Traditional Hot Mix Asphalt and 25% on Alternative Treatments and Pavement Preservation.