Future Paving Projects

In an effort to maintain open communication with the driving public, other TDOT offices, municipalities, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and rural planning organizations (RPOs); the TDOT Pavement Office maintains a list of all proposed pavement resurfacing projects. The most recent draft paving list is available below. Any questions or comments can be submitted to the state pavement engineer. New lists, once finalized, are estimated to be made available each Summer.

This list is subject to change. The Department reserves the right to postpone, expedite or remove projects at any time. Specifically, projects in the May or June lettings have a higher likelihood to be postponed to the following year if funding is not available. Projects identified as having railroad involvement (“R/R”) have an increased risk of postponement. 

Proposed 2022 Resurfacing Projects  

Proposed 2022 Resurfacing Projects (KLM)