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Research Projects

The Research Office of the Long Range Planning Division oversees research projects that cover a wide range of transportation topics. Most projects fall into one of four major categories: Pavement and Maintenance, Environment and Planning, Traffic and Safety, and Construction and Structures.

To view current research projects, select the desired category below to access links to corresponding projects. All project documents are provided in PDF format.

RES Number Research Project Title Percent Completed Final Report
RES2019-19 Best Strategies for Hiring, Retaining, and Utilizing Minorities and Women
RES Number Reesearch Project Title Percent Completed Final Report
RES2011-07 Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of the Cable Rail Systems in Tennessee - Part 2 100%  
RES2012-03 USGS Karst GIS Dataset-continuation 100%  
RES2013-09 Input Data Development for Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES) 100%
RES2013-10 Development of an Evaluation System for Asphalt Sealers and Rejuvenators 100%
RES2013-11 Expanding the Informational Catalog of TDOT Low Permeability Bridge Deck Mixtures 100%  
RES2013-12 Modeling Pollutant Loading from TDOT MS4 Storm water Discharges 100%  
RES2013-13 Inventory and Economic Assessment of Aviation Activity in Tennessee 100%
RES2013-17 Assessment of Site Conditions and Improvement of Ground-motion Prediction Equations in the Central United States 100%  
RES2013-18 Lightweight Concrete for Tennessee Bridge Decks 100%  
RES2013-20 Emerging Societal Trends, Land Use Linkage, and Statewide Data Collection  100%  
RES2013-21 Update of the TDOT Traffic Design Manual 100%  
RES2013-22 Impacts Resulting From a Failure of the Navigation Lock at Chickamauga Dam 100%  
RES2013-23 Pedestrian Oriented Transit:  A New Criteria for Pedestrian Network Building 100%
RES2013-24 Controlling Sources of Acid in Pyrite-bearing Rock Formations 100%  
RES2013-25 Review of Stream Channel Restoration and Relocation Projects in Tennessee 100%  
RES2013-26 Runoff Water Quality from Highway Cut Slopes in Pyrite Geology:  Characterization and Treatment 100%
RES2013-27 All-Hazards Risk Assessment of Critical Transp. Infrastructure in the TN 100%  
RES2013-28 Guidance for Site Selection, Safety Effectiveness Evaluation, and Crash Modification Factors of Median Cable Barriers in Tennessee 100%  
RES2013-29 Evaluation of Pavement Marking Retro- reflectivity Durability & Safety for TN Hwys 100%  
RES2013-30 Evaluation of Geosynthetics Reinforcement in Flexible Pavement Structures Using Accelerated Pavement Testing 100% Download
RES2013-31 Implementation and Improvement of Pavement and Asset Management 100%  
RES2013-32 Blending Efficiency of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement and Shingle 100%
RES2013-33 Local Calibration of Mechanistic - Empirical Pavement Design Guide in Tennessee 100%  
RES2013-34 Optimize Application of Open Graded Friction Courses (OGFC) in Tennessee 100% Download
RES2013-36 Evaluation and Prediction of Bridge Pier and Contraction Scour of Cohesive River Sediments in Tennessee 100% Download
RES2013-37 Performance Evaluation of Grout Materials for Connecting Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels 100% Download
RES2013-38 Updating Region-of-Influence Flood-Frequency Prediction Methods for Unregulated Streams of Tennessee 100%  
RES2013-39 Development of TDOT Class P-SCC (Self-Consolidating Concrete) and Class A-SCC Concrete Mixtures 100%  
RES2013-40 Full Scale Evaluation of Low Permeability High Volume SCM Bridge Deck Concrete 100%  
RES2013-41 Rapid Chloride Permeability Testing in One Half the Normal Time and Surface Resistivity Testing 100%
RES2013-42 Evaluation of Intelligent Compaction in Asphalt Pavement Construction in Tennessee 100%  
RES2013-45 TDOT Vehicle Probe Based Real-Time Travel Information Study 100%  
RES2013-46 A Guidebook for Best Practices on Integrated Land Use and Travel Demand Modeling 100%  
RES2013-47 Innovative Strategies for Public Involvement for TDOT 100%
RES2013-48 Assessment & Improvement of Pavement Condition Data in Pavement Management System    100%
RES2014-01 Short Line Railroad Geographic Baseline  and Economic Assessment 100%  
RES2016-01 Traffic Monitoring Program 100%
RES2016-05 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Study           100%  Download
RES2016-07 Ramp Truck Parking 100% Download
RES2016-08 Tennessee SmartPark Pilot 100%  
RES2016-09 Work Zone Crashes 100%


RES2016-10 Green Generates Green           100%  Download
RES2016-11 Latent Classes in Residence-Workplace Location Choice 100%   Download
RES2016-12 Access Management Guidance 100%
RES2016-13 Structural Evaluation of Low Volume Roads Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) 100% Download
RES2016-16 Mobility and Transit Access in Suburban and Rural Areas 100%
RES2016-17 Highway Construction Sediment Basins           100%  Download
RES2016-18 Improving Rigid Pavement Smoothness using PoliLevel 100% Download
RES2016-19 In Service Performance Evaluation of EPSC Devices 100% Download
RES2016-21 Post Construction Storm Water Research 100% Download
RES2016-24 A New Spectrum Matching Procedure for the Central United States           100%   Download
RES2016-25 Chlorine Ion Limits for Concrete 100% Download
RES2016-26 Hernando DeSoto Bridge Structural Research 100% Download
RES2016-28 Cyber-Physical Applications for Freight Transp. Systems Mgt and Operations 100%
RES2016-29 Multi-Modal Freight Transportation System Capacity and Diversion Assessment 100%
RES2016-30 Use of FACs in Responding to Suppy Chain Disruption           100%  Download    
RES2016-36 Improving Resilience of Freight Networks in TN 100%  Download
RES2016-37 Identifying Cost-Effective, High-Return, & Implementable Improvements to Address Freight Congestion & Mobility Contraints in TN           100%  Download    
RES2016-38 Accelerated Innovation Deployment of Laser Metrology for Steel Bridge Fabrication
100% Download

Last update: March 7th, 2019

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