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Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

TDM Tools

The Tennessee Department of Transportation's Long Range Planning Division is conducting a statewide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) study.  TDM refers to a set of strategies aimed at reducing the demand for roadway travel, particularly single occupancy vehicles.  TDM strategies address a broad variety of constraints related to driving, including traffic congestion, less habitable communities, peak period travel demand, and poor air quality. 

TDOT is examining TDM options that would work best for the different regions across the State of Tennessee and how TDOT and local agencies can best provide TDM services in each region. We are exploring existing TDM initiatives to find ways to strengthen or expand programs, while also considering new approaches.

Examples of TDM initiatives are:

  • Telework
  • Transit Improvements
  • Transit Incentives
  • Ridesharing and HOV Lanes
  • Car Sharing
  • Parking Management and Parking Pricing

TDOT is working with a consultant team to complete the study. Information is being gathered through interviews, focus groups, and surveys conducted across the State. You can participate in the survey using the following links.

Commuters/Employees Survey

TDM is not just about commuters; it’s about the entire commute, including the workplace. Employers are an important component to developing a successful TDM plan. 

Employers Survey

For additional information about the Statewide TDM Study, please contact Dr. Casey Langford at