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CMAQ Competitive Funding

The 2018 Mini-Round of CMAQ is Now Open

Timeline (Updated July 27, 2018)  

LOI Announced – July 27th, 2018

LOI Open in eGrants – August 3rd, 2018

LOI Due – August 8th, 2018 by EOD

Full Proposal Open – August 10th, 2018 (Full Proposal will only open if LOI is approved)

Full Proposal Closed – September 7th, 2018

Awards Announced – October 2018 (Tentative) 

Eligibility Requirements*

  1. Must be a transportation project
  2. Must be located in (or benefit) either a non-attainment or maintenance area ( eligible areas listed below)
  3. Must have an emissions reduction benefit

Application Requirements*

  • Applications must be submitted using the online eGrants application software.
  • A separate application package is required for each project proposal.
  • A Letter of Intent is required for each proposed project.

*Projects must meet ALL criteria listed above.

Eligible Project Types

  • Traffic Flow Improvements/Intelligent Transportation Systems (CMAQ Guidance: VII. F.3.b)
     ITS/Traffic Flow Projects are typically eligible for 100% of the federal share, and do not require a local match.
     Projects must include DSRC equipment in description and budget
  • Transit Improvements (CMAQ Guidance: VII. F. 6. b - e)
     Transit projects are typically eligible at a 80% (CMAQ)/20% (Match)
     Projects are limited to include only Vehicles and Equipment, Fuel, Operating Assistance, and/or Transit Fare Subsidies

For questions on eligibility, please reach out to 

Letter of Intent Project Criteria for PM Mini Round

  1. General applicant information
  2. Brief description of the proposed project and location. (Max 1,000 characters)
  3. Brief description of air quality benefits in the Knoxville and/or Chattanooga area for PM2.5 emissions reductions. (Max 1,000 characters)  

• This round is focused on Particulate Matter (PM) emissions reductions, please make sure to highlight those reductions

• If LOI is accepted and a full proposal is required, applicants will be required to demonstrate specific emissions reductions for PM2.5/PM10/VOC/CO/NOx in kg/day.

4. Proposed Budget (Fillable field in eGrants). Please note:

• ITS/Traffic Flow Projects are typically eligible for 100% of the federal share (CMAQ), and do not require a local match.

• Transit projects are typically eligible at a 80% (CMAQ)/20% (Match). 


How to Apply

If you are interested in applying and are new to our new eGrants system please take the time to watch the following training video.
TN LRP Grantee Training Video 

For questions about navigating the eGrants Software, refer to the eGrants Training Manual. 

PM2.5 CMAQ Mini Competition Application and Eligibility Guidance Manual

Please reach out to TDOT.CMAQ@TN.GOV with questions.