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Urban Transportation Planning Grant (UTPG)

The 2021 UTPG applicants were announced on February 5, 2021. We look forward to kicking-off these grants and to another round of applications in late 2021. For additional questions, please e-mail

2021 Awarded Communities:

Bristol MPO: None

Chattanooga MPO: Mobility Plan for the City of Chattanooga

Clarksville MPO: Clarksville Transit Service Strategic Plan Update

Cleveland MPO: SR-306 Corridor Study for the City of Cleveland

Jackson MPO: City-Wide Bike/Ped Master Plan Update for the City of Jackson

Johnson City MPO: SR-354 Corridor Study for Johnson City, Town of Jonesborough, and Washington County

Kingsport MPO: East Center Street Corridor Study for the City of Kingsport

Knoxville MPO: City-Wide Classified Streets Plan for the City of Knoxville

Lakeway MPO: Traffic Signal Coordination & Complete Streets Plan for the City of Morristown

Memphis MPO: Summer Avenue Corridor Study for the City of Memphis

Nashville MPO: County-Wide Bike/Ped/Active Transportation Plan for Sumner County


UTPG Program Goals

  • Assist urban jurisdictions with transportation-related solutions that strengthen multimodal cohesiveness of the transportation system.
  • Guide communities with developing potential the strategies that will support improvements in traffic flow, safety, mobility, and overall efficiency of the transportation system.
  • Provide jurisdictions with planning resources inorder to achieve the community transportation and land use visions and futureeconomic growth.

Eligible Applicants

  • Must be a TN jurisdiction (municipal or county) located within a MPO’s Planning Area.
  • Multiple jurisdictions will be able to apply jointly.

Key Facts

  • $200,000 is the maximum amount of planning services.
  • 90% of consultant services will be funded by TDOT.
  • 10% of the project cost must be a local cash match on behalf of the awarded jurisdiction.
  • ·Length of projects shall not exceed 12 months.
  • In the first year of the grant, only one project will be funded per MPO.

Eligible Activities

  • Transportation plans that include analysis to determine multimodal transportation needs to increase the accessibility,
    mobility, and safety of people and freight, such as active transportation plans, safety focused plans (motorized and non-motorized), urban freight studies, and community mobility plans.
  • Transportation planning activities to better coordinate transportation and land-use decisions, including corridor studies and school siting/industrial-commercial siting.
  • Transportation planning activities to support a Corridor Management Agreement including curbside management in more urban environments.
  • Transportation plans to enhance the integration and connectivity of the transportation system, such as a Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) study, a smart mobility plan, or a transportation resilience or transportation sustainability plan.
  • Transportation plans that address parking management and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies that support the use of transit, reduce private automobile demand, or promote alternative and/or shared modes, including transit-oriented development plans, urban area parking studies, and park-n-ride investment plans.
  • Other innovative transportation-related planning projects and activities that are consistent with both the MPO’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the State of Tennessee’s transportation goals.