Lakeway ITS Architecture

The Lakeway Regional ITS Architecture and Deployment Plan provides a long-range plan for the deployment, integration, and operation of ITS in the Lakeway Region. An update to the plan was led by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) in coordination with the Lakeway Area Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (LAMTPO). The update was completed in the Summer of 2017.

The Lakeway Regional ITS Architecture regional boundaries are comprised of the Hamblen and Jefferson Counties in East Tennessee, and include the City of Morristown, City of Jefferson City, and Town of White Pine. Stakeholders included representatives from traffic, transit, emergency management, and public safety agencies at the local, state, and federal level. Two stakeholder workshops and several interviews with stakeholder agencies were conducted to gather input for the plan.

Project Documents

Executive Summary
Lakeway Executive Summary

Regional ITS Architecture
Lakeway Regional ITS Architecture and Deployment Plan

Workshop Documents
Kick-Off Agenda – January 2017
Kick-Off Minutes – January 2017
Kick-Off Presentation – January 2017
Review Agenda – March 2017
Review Minutes – March 2017
Review Presentation – March 2017

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2009 Regional ITS Architecture Documents
Executive Summary
Regional ITS Architecture
Regional ITS Architecture Appendices
Regional ITS Deployment Plan
Kick-Off Workshop – July 2008
ITS Architecture Development Workshop – August 2008
Deployment Plan Workshop – October 2008
Comment Resolution Workshop – November 2008


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