ITS Qualified Products List

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Qualified Product list (ITS/QPL) provides a list of products that have been known to perform satisfactorily to the Tennessee Department of Transportation. The list can be used by Construction, Maintenance and IT personnel to identify devices to be used on the ITS SmartWay infrastructure in the State of Tennessee. Testing, integration, approval and acceptance requirements are not waived for any of the devices listed.  The products listed are considered acceptable for use on the ITS SmartWay infrastructure after testing, validation, and/or verification using state or outside resources.   All devices shall be used in accordance with manufacturer recommendation. The list is non-inclusive of all types of products to be used on the SmartWay system. However, the list is applicable for the types of products listed. The list is a live document and will be updated and modified as needed.

The Department reserves the right to reject any product which does not demonstrate satisfactory performance in any of the tests outlined in the Evaluation Procedures. The Department also reserves the right to remove any product from the ITS/QPL that does not perform satisfactorily under real life conditions. 

This publication shall be used in conjunction with the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Maintenance Specifications, Special Provisions, Technical Special Provisions, Plans and all supplementary documents effective at the time of usage. Any future corrections, additions or revisions made in the contents of this publication will be forwarded to the holders of this publication so that the publication is maintained up to date. 

Any questions concerning this publication or its use should be directed to the following address:

Tennessee Department of Transportation
Traffic Operations Division, Intelligent Transportation Systems Section
505 Deaderick St., Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37243  


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